Get More Leads, Reduce Churn, Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Build Authority & Drive Traffic

“If you build it, they will come.” Yeah, right. If you’ve ever launched a SaaS or IT offering, you already know this isn’t true. So how do you get people to visit your site so they can learn about all the wonders your solution has to offer?

The answer lies in content marketing. By crafting high-quality content that provides real value to readers on a consistent basis, and publishing that content across the web where your customers already are, you can become a thought leader within your industry.

I can help with content strategy, management, and high-end development that will ensure you’re producing engaging, market-leading content and distributing it across multiple channels in order to grow an audience of raving fans (and potential customers.)

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Lead Generation

If you have plenty of quality traffic coming to your website but it’s not converting into free trials, demos, or email signups, it’s obvious there’s a problem.

Despite trying to put together an effective content strategy, hiring SEO providers, or putting plenty of cash into advertising, the ROI of your marketing spend just isn’t where it needs to be.

You need to generate more leads, and I can help. With web copy that’s focused on conversions (landing pages, pricing, homepage, and demo microcopy), scripts for explainer videos that get users excited about the possibilities of your solution, and A/B testing and conversion optimization, I’ll increase your conversion rate across the board.

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User Onboarding

So you’ve got plenty of traffic coming to your site, and they’re even signing up for your free trial or demo. There’s just one problem, they aren’t actually using your software, meaning they never discover how it could make their lives easier, and never become paying customers.

If your free trial signups aren’t translating into active users, you need some help with onboarding.

Potential customers need to be shown how the value you have promised is easily achieved with your solution, and they aren’t going to read through dense technical manuals to learn how.

I can help you build an onboarding process that really works with onboarding email sequences, explainer video scripts, and in-app instructional microcopy.

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Customer Acquisition

If you’re getting plenty of traffic to your site, or even adding emails to your list and getting free trial signups, but are having trouble turning that into paying customers, I can help.

When potential customers are jumping ship instead of entering in their credit card info, something has gone wrong along the customer journey. Perhaps they’re leaving the free trial when they can’t figure out a key feature, or you’ve failed to make a compelling case for why they should upgrade to a premium plan.

All of this creates an environment where customers are either choosing to live with their pain instead of figuring out your solution or going with a competitor who has better messaging and onboarding.

Don’t let your leads go to waste. I can help you turn more leads into paying customers with conversion-optimized sales pages, onboarding emails, lead nurturing campaigns, and core website copy.

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Reducing Churn

After lots of hard work, you’ve got paying customers….but can you keep them?

When customers stop paying after just a few months, it kills your MRR – which won’t keep investors or your board of directors happy.

Here’s the truth: there’s only one reason your customers stop paying. They leave because your product doesn’t live up to their expectations for how it would impact their business and life.

Unless you’ve misled customers by advertising your solution as something it’s not, this is simply a communication issue. By providing instructional materials that educate customers on how to get the most out of your offering, we can keep them loyal.

I can help you get customers to read your emails, attend your webinar, or read your guide with email campaigns that instruct on your product or drive webinar signups, as well as landing pages for free instructional materials.

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Generating Referrals

Referrals are huge for any business and B2B services are no exception.

When a potential customer is referred by a trusted friend or business associate, they’re biased towards trusting you as well, accelerating the sales process.

Obviously, you want to get as many leads as possible, so it’s important to build a system which can consistently generate high-quality referrals.

I can help you do this with email campaigns that motivate customers to refer others and landing pages that clearly explain the benefits of participating and prompt readers to take action.

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